Monday, May 23, 2016


Hudson Thomas, you are FIVE! FIVE! 
I just can't believe it... 

I remember the day you were born like it was yesterday. Daddy and I were so excited to meet our newest little baby - and were so curious to know if you were a little girl...or boy! We were THRILLED to meet you - a baby brother - for Lillianne! Everyone was so happy!! You came into this world fast...and haven't slowed down since =) 

You are 100% boy! Hudson, you basically run everywhere you go - running, skipping, bouncing, jumping. Never walking...and always fast. You love to put on tennis shoes (because they make you "super fast") and spend much of your day in the yard. I love to see you play and it's fun watching you develop skill in a variety of sports - baseball, basketball, tennis, golf. You could play them all day long! 

I never thought you would care so much about what you wear each day but we've run into several fashion issues this year. You refuse to wear jeans that aren't tight (several skinny jeans you own don't even make the cut!). On the other hand, you LOVE "cozy clothes" and immediately run upstairs to change into gym shorts and t-shirts as soon as we get home. Your known to wear more than one outfit a day... And your hair! Major bed-head issues every morning. You either don't want anything done to it ---- or you want a slicked down comb-over. Oi! 

Hudson, you're just the sweetest little boy. You care deeply, are thoughtful, considerate, helpful, and show us so much love (through words and deeds). I am beyond thankful for you and look forward to watching the Lord work in and through you to bring others to Him. 

Thank you for being an excellent brother to Lillianne, Nolan and Georgia. Thank you for helping me around the house (cleaning up, making your bed, taking out the trash, etc.) Thank you for often making the little ones happy when I can't. Thank you for your ability to make me laugh. Thank you for your smiles. I LOVE YOU! 

We look forward to watching you grow this year! 
I'm incredibly proud to be your momma! 

5J FARM Field Trip

Last week I took the kids to a small farm in Floyd for a little animal adventure. Even though the weather was chilly and rain threatened our morning, we had a great time checking out the miniature animals - our favorite being this tiny little lamb, Gideon, that had the cutest face!

The farm had a small playground a picnic tables - so we enjoyed a bit of playtime and lunch (from the Bread Basket!) before heading home.

Thankful for these fun mornings with my crew =)

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Hudson's 'Buddy Davis' Birthday

Today we had a dual celebration - my birthday - and Hudson's party! 
I'll take a dinosaur themed birthday with my boy any day =) 

The kids love listening to Buddy Davis (a singer/songwriter who has CD's about creation, dinosaurs, etc.) and back in the fall Hudson declared that he wanted to have a "Buddy Davis" birthday party! 

We had a fun day celebrating my sweet Hudson and enjoyed hanging out with our family =) 

Friday, May 13, 2016

Art Venture!

We're savoring every minute with these sweet cousins before they move...

This morning we headed to Roanoke some downtown fun! The kids and I walked through the farmers market before meeting Erin and the girls at the Taubman Art Museum. They have an interactive children's area - perfect for our creative kiddos! They have a stage/costumes, art stations, book nook, writing area and craft table. They spent a good portion of the morning putting on various plays for us to enjoy - taking turns narrating and acting. It was cute! 

A trip downtown wouldn't be complete without a lunch at the Roanoke Wiener Stand - 
a family favorite! 

We ended the afternoon with treats next door, 
(poor Georgia was so exhausted she fell asleep before finishing her sucker)!

We love our cousin time and these little ones have such a great time together - a treasure! 

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

Happy Mother's Day to the most beautiful woman in the world, my momma! 
She's the kindest person I know. She's friendly to everyone and can strike up a conversation/find a common interest with anyone she encounters. She's hardworking (without complaint!) and does every task to the best of her ability. She is neat and organized. She's thoughtful and caring. She is the very best cook I know (Hello? Mom wasn't named "Southern Livings" 12 Best Cooks of the South for nothin'!) She is thrifty and wise, encouraging and optimistic. AND she's the very best Memaw, too!!

Basically, Mom's everything that I pray to be in a wife and mother. 
I'm incredibly THANKFUL for her - my best friend, my Momma! 

And these sweet babes made me a MOM! 
Oh, how I love them so much! They are wild, crazy, silly, sweet, cuddly and mine...

I am grateful that God gave me the very special job of being your momma. 
I love you deeply! 

Saturday, May 7, 2016


Let's be honest, there's nothin' special about my legs. 
I have this ugly scar from where I fell on the playground in the 5th grade. Other marks from various injuries over the years. I had terrible shin splints in high-school from feet pounding on the tennis court. I have cellulite. And varicose veins from years of pregnancy. I even find fault with the size and shape of my knees and calves. Nope, nothin' special about them. 

However these legs have carried me on some great adventures... 
They've hiked the Grand Canyon, swam in a couple of oceans, and walked through some incredible places. These legs played a competitive sport in school. They've walked down the aisle to my forever-more and swayed late into the night cradling precious babies. These legs get up in the morning and go...all day long...without much rest...then repeat day in and out. 
And I'm so thankful for them. 

Today, my legs feel stronger than ever! 
After years of neglect, my legs are doing what they should. They climb, walk, and move with ease. And they run. In recent days they've run farther and faster than ever before. Today, they ran from one town to another - 7.4 miles along the Huckleberry - completing my first race. Today, these legs (regardless of how they look) make me so happy!

I'm so proud of where they've taken me and look forward to seeing where we'll go. 

Friday, May 6, 2016

Cousin Fun!

A fun morning spent with cousins at the mall =)