Saturday, May 2, 2015

Hurt Party of Two

It's Wedding Day!!! 

Our family had a big celebration today --- the first Hurt grandson, our nephew Derek, married his beautiful bride Ashlee in a picturesque outdoor wedding this afternoon. 

It was a really fun time with watching these two lovebirds marry =) Ashlee was stunning -  Derek was handsome in his signature Carolina blue - and they were both smiling ear to ear all day!

I loved the country theme. My sister-in-law made so many cute signs to display and Tammy worked hard along side Ashlee to get all the details together. It was so nice - lots of special, unique touches! The cousins got to participate in the wedding by walking little signs down the aisle....and I have to admit, they looked ADORABLE! 

I'm so excited to watch Derek & Ashlee grow in the coming days! I told Ashlee this morning that becoming a "Hurt" was the best decision I ever made...and its true! 

I'm incredibly thankful for this group of people that I get to claim as mine =) 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

8 Months!

This sweet thing, my Georgia peach, is 8 months!

How can it be?! She's my baby --- there is no way she is big enough to be edging her way to one year --- nope, not possible!

This little girl is just the sweetest little thing! She's happy all the time, full of smiles & cuddles and loves to bury her head into my neck to nuzzle. I love it!

This month...

The big news - Georgia Grace is crawling! She went from sitting quietly with a few toys in front of her on the rug to being "on-the-go never know where you're going to find her" in just a matter of days! She loves the push-up position - up on her toes with straight arms. And just today she pulled herself into a knee position trying to get on the couch!! So, officially, she is moving! And my days of leaving the room for a few moments are OVER.

Georgia nurses several times a day - in the morning, after lunch, mid afternoon, and before bed --- and occasionally in the middle of the night, if she happens to wake up. She is pretty well sleeping through the night. If she does wake up, a quick 5 minute nursing session does the trick. She woke up several nights in a row when she learned to sit up from a laying position --- she couldn't figure out how to lay back down =) In addition to nursing, she is eating chunkier baby foods. We'll hopefully transition her to table food in the coming days. Now that she is crawling and has 5 teeth she should be good to try some new things!

Georgia is wearing 9-12 month clothes. I might be purchasing some summer clothes for this baby - I'm not sure the Lillianne hand-me-downs will be fitting =)

Georgia loves bathtime, playing with her toys, jumping in the bouncer, being loved on by her siblings, and cuddling with momma and daddy. She is pretty attached me to lately - if I put her down or leave her site she lets me know that she does not approve!! I love hearing her say momma and dada. Music to my ears =)

We all love Georgia so much! She is our precious baby-doll and I am so honored to call her mine! What a blessing she is to our family =)

These boys make me smile!

I love these boys! There is never a dull moment when they are around =) 

This picture is a direct result of disobedience. Recently Nolan has discovered that he can unbuckle the seatbelt attaching the carseat to the bench seat in the car (the center seat in the SUV does not have latch hooks). Several times in the last few days we've had to re-hook everything to keep it safe. This morning we were driving down a winding country road in Catawba and I happen to look in the rearview mirror to see his body attached to his carseat flying sideways in the back seat. Talk about scary! It took several minutes to find a safe spot to pull over - the whole time he was upside down on the ground screaming! Maybe this will teach him a lesson - one the spoon apparently didn't!! 


I'm not exaggerating when I say this tooth's been "hanging by a thread" for over a month. Lillianne refused to let me touch it and there were several "episodes" over the last few weeks that ended in tears and frustration.

Finally...FINALLY tonight I convinced her to let me try pulling it one time. I knew this was the only chance I was going to get...with very little effort  it popped right out! She didn't even know it happened until after she looked in the mirror.

So, this time (and probably the only time) it happened tear free =)

She looks so cute toothless! Now she and Georgia can race to see who gets their front tooth first!

CC Civil War Day

This morning our Classical Conversations group had a Civil War day at our friends farm in Catawba. It was a beautiful spring day - perfect weather for all of the outdoor activities they had planned!

Valerie's husband is very knowledgeable in Civil War history and had a ton of neat things to share with the group. I especially loved hearing his family's history and the role his grandfather played in the war (and how hardtack - a very hard biscuit - stored in his coat pocket saved his life when a bullet hit his chest)! After his time of sharing the families rotated between four sites --- where kids built their own camp tent, tried to dig a hole in prison, bandaged their arm in a makeshift sling, tried "mess tent" food, and visited the battle field.

It was very well organized and worked well for every age group. I loved it! And the kids all agreed on the way home that it had been a very fun day!

Thankful for our Classical Conversations community!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Happy 60th Birthday, Memaw!

Saturday our very favorite Memaw turned the big 6-0! We had a fun day celebrating her =) Justin fixed an amazing filet mignon - seriously, better than any steakhouse around here. We toasted to "1955 aged to perfection" sparkling juice and Dad made her a custom cake topper. I loved the smiley face birthday banner that Hudson created, too =) 

We opened presents, Georgia Grace played with the wrapping (and tried her first bite of cake!), the kids watched a movie with Dad, and we spent the evening relaxing. 

I hope that mom felt loved and honored in a way that she deserves! Every day Mom gives selflessly. She loves unconditionally. She cares for her grandbabies like no other. She always goes above and beyond to help. She drops things to be there for our every need. She's so much fun to spend time with - she loves to laugh, tell a good story, and have a deep conversation. She's always up for an adventure yet can make everyday things "special". She's an amazing housekeeper, chef, decorator, mother, mother-in-law, wife, memaw - and best friend. 

We are all blessed. Incredibly blessed to call her ours! 

Saturday, April 18, 2015


My first ever hashtag has to be for something extra special - make that someone extra special!

Our sweet babysitter, Allie, is getting married in three weeks! Lillianne and I were honored to host a bridal luncheon this morning with some of her family and several of her friends from school. It was a so fun having "girl time" with these wonderful ladies!

After lunch we played a trivia game, created a personalized No.509 (her wedding date!) perfume, read some ultra sweet quotes on marriage (I may or may not have cried while reading mine) and shared a devotional on the symbolism of different parts of the wedding day (I may or may not have cried during the whole thing!) and watched Allie receive some wonderful gifts. Fun!

Allie is beautiful - inside and out! She's going to make a stunning bride - and an excellent wife to Jacob!

And we're so incredibly blessed to have her in our family =)