Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Buddy's Little Friends

Some more elf friends arrive tonight! And they look super cute! 
(Although Hudson might beg to differ 12 years from now. Making that poor boy stand in front of the Christmas tree in an elf costume...) 

Loved these miniature gingerbread houses that we found at Target. They turned out great!

Our new favorite before bedtime routine is toss-the-pillow-and-try-to-knock-down-your-kids. Its a very safe and fun game =) The kids love it and beg to play. And Dad and I get an enjoyable laugh, too. Its kinda like human bowling...go on and give it a try!

Monday, December 15, 2014

My Little Elf =)

Merry Christmas!

It’s that time again! The tree is trimmed, stockings are hung, and holiday goodies baked, all while our favorite carols play in the background. Each year the kids get more and more excited about Christmas! They love the traditions, crafts, decorations and sweets - oh, and a break from school, too! 
We spend time anticipating the celebration of our coming King - a precious baby born in the most humble of ways. I can’t help but imagine what that miraculous day would have been like. The young girl holding God’s Son, shepherds in awe, even the animals in the barn must have been curious about the visitors in their home. Just to think, “A baby - of all things - stirred political leaders, wise thinkers, angelic hosts, and cosmic alignments”. (Lanier Burns) 
It’s been another busy year for our family. We’ve grown! We added a brother-in-law and uncle - Meghan married Luke Copley in January at a beautiful wedding in North Carolina. In August our sweet Georgia Grace was born! She’s an incredibly happy and easy-going little girl - full of smiles and baby laughs. We’re thankful that the Lord saw fit to bless our family with this precious girl. 
Signspot saw its busiest year yet! Justin has been putting in some very long hours to meet the growing demands at work. We continue to be incredibly grateful to Dad & Mom Menees for their help - we couldn’t do it without them! We’re thankful that the Lord provides. 
While Justin is busy managing the store, I stay busy managing the home. We continue to homeschool the children. Lillianne is in the 1st grade and Hudson is in pre-school. Once a week the kids attend a Classical Conversations co-op at our church. They both enjoy memorizing the material. My favorite time of the morning is our “circle time” where Nolan joins the older children in family devotions. Working through Answers in Genesis the children are learning important Biblical Truths through story, verse memorization, songs, and games. It is a treasure to watch my little ones learn and grow. We’re thankful that the Lord has made it possible for me to stay home with our babies. 
Lillianne made the most important decision in life - to follow Jesus and secure her eternity in Heaven! Hearing Lillianne declare “The angels are dancing!” after accepting Jesus into her heart is a phrase I will spend the rest of my days smiling about. The knowledge, understanding and love that Lillianne has for Jesus is evident in the way she treats others. She is encouraging, kind and values others. We’re thankful that the Lord saves. 
We’ve enjoyed time with family. In January we went to Disney! The kids are still talking about their favorite rides. In May the Hurts headed to Snowshoe for a family get-away. Fun memories were made with twenty-seven of us in one cabin! And in October we visited Anna Maria Island in Florida. Nothing says a “relaxing vacation” like flying several hours with four kids 5 and under. Ha! We’re thankful that the Lord gives us time to connect as a family. 
In a word - we’re thankful. God is the Creator, Giver of Life and Provider. He gives us energy to live life and moments of quiet when we need rest. We’re thankful for the gift of salvation through this precious baby born in a stable some 2,000 years ago. Yes, we’re thankful for our Savior - our lips shall forever praise His name! 
Let thankfulness flow from you this coming year! 
Justin, Chantry, Lillianne, Hudson, Nolan and Georgia Grace

Saturday, December 13, 2014

"Nactivity" Saturday

When Lillianne wrote out her December calendar - today was starred specifically for the Gateway Baptist Church drive-thru nativity (or in her words - nactivity). The kids were excited to have a fun family day: chickfila for breakfast, bowling/arcade, dinner/light-seeing with Memaw & Granddad, and hot chocolate with cookies while visiting Santa.

The drive-thru nativity was PACKED and we sat for a good 30 minutes before it was our turn. Nolan LOVED the roman soldier on the chariot and it was fun watching his expression every time the rider came near. Visiting Santa was a different story! While Hudson gave Santa his long list of wants, Nolan wouldn't even go near the guy. Maybe next year. =)

I love Saturday family days!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

She's THREE Months!

This little girl - this precious baby, my Georgia Grace is THREE months! What?! When?! How?! I know I say this every single time I write about my babies growing up...but it just happens so fast. Too fast. 

My newest darling is changing before my eyes! This month she's grown so much! 

 Georgia is wearing 3 month clothes and size 1 diapers. The tiniest of the newborn clothes are packed away and the new bins unpacked. She reminds me of Lillianne so much! The round face, full cheeks, fluffy hair and smiles. Its like holding a clone! 

Georgia is still eating every 3 hours. She goes to bed after her 7pm feeding and I wake her around 10 to eat before I head to bed. She inconsistently is sleeping through the night. Not every night --- sometimes she'll wake around 5 for an early morning snack before snoozing for a couple more hours. And I'm more OK with it than I've been with any of the others. =)

The kids adore her! Their newest thing is to bring Georgia into her nursery after breakfast and "play house". Lillianne is the momma, Hudson is the daddy, Georgia is the newborn and Nolan is the wild toddler who climbs in/out of the crib. Its comical and sweet and I love hearing them pretend play. They love to hold, kiss, cuddle, protect and care for sweet Georgia. And I love that they love her so much. =) 

Georgia is such a happy little baby! She smiles all the time. Her eyes are full of love. I could watch her all day - watch her take in the world. Watch her explore. She's grabbing onto everything - toys, fingers, hair. She's cooing and laughing. And snorting. Those baby sounds that are music to my ears. Oh, I love them! 

So, you see, time can stand still now. 
Time can wait because I have a sweet baby to hold. 

Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving at Mountain Lake

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration at Mountain Lake! It was snowy and beautiful and the perfect spot for our very large family to gather around ONE BIG TABLE =) There were 26 of us that made the trip up the mountain. It did not disappoint! The food was yummy and the fellowship was sweet!

After, we returned to our house where everyone indulged me by sharing some "Thanksgiving Fun Facts" and creating a thanksgiving acronym using the letters in their name. The kids scattered and ended up in the theater watching a movie, football was on in the living room, and some were chatting away in the kitchen. Love that every part of my home was filled with family - thankful that we were together - there's nothing better!