Thursday, August 28, 2014

Happy Birth Day, Georgia Grace!

Happy, Happy Birth Day Sweet Georgia Grace!

We are so excited to welcome this precious little one into our family! Its been a whirlwind of a day - however, a very blessed day, indeed!

Because I was past due, and Granddad was back in town, and my favorite doctor of all time - Dr. Roberts was on call - we followed tradition and scheduled an induction for today. And it worked out perfectly =) Justin and I arrived at the hospital around 6:00 am, settled in and met Dr. Roberts around 7:30 to get the part started. We had a fabulous morning nurse, Mary. She was great! Dr. Roberts ruptured the membranes and since I was already 4 cm I thought things would progress quickly - as they had done in the past. We were surprised when nothing happened! Justin and I spent the next few hours twiddling our thumbs, hoping that contractions would start. Instead, we watched the Today, checked our email and played games on our phone. I was beginning to get anxious - and all the free time allowed my mind to wander. In the past - things just "happened". I began to fret about labor and the pain that was sure to come. Even though I wasn't feeling any contractions I knew they were around the corner and I started to doubt my ability to labor naturally. I am so thankful that Dr. Roberts came back at just the right time for a big pep talk - encouraging me that I could do it as I had done in the past --- and I was just letting my mind get the best of me. Thankfully, shortly after, contractions started to rev up and my labor began at 12:00 noon. I very quickly went from 4 to 6 to 8 and before I knew it the room was set up and ready to meet our baby! At 1:31, just an 1.5 hours in and TWO pushes later, we met our DAUGHTER for the first time! Sweet Georgia Grace let out a cry and was immediately placed on my chest. She was beautiful and perfect and wide-eyed as she watched the world say hello! I held her for a good long time before giving her up to be weighed and measured --- 8 lbs. 13.5 oz and 21.5"!

Memaw, Granddad, and the kids, along with Aunt Linda arrived at just the right time! Justin stepped out to greet them and announce "It's A Girl!" Shortly after the kids were able to come and meet their little sister. And it was love at first sight for Hudson and Lillianne! Hudson kept talking about how pretty she was and Lillianne's expression was priceless. Nolan kept saying "baby" and mainly cared about getting some love from Momma (which I loved - and I'm so thankful he's still my baby boy =) Lillianne brought an abundance of gifts for the baby: a sweet bib she made, a handmade card with $1.00, a rattle and a little baby Jesus figurine. So precious.

It was a wonderful day! We are blessed - so blessed - to add Georgia to our family! Thank you Lord!

Monday, August 11, 2014

I Said "YES!"

12 years ago I said YES! It was a beautiful August morning. I was at the beach with Justin's family. Excited for a fun week with his brothers, their wives/girlfriends and his parents... 

Little did I know I would be invited into the family on that special vacation!! 

Justin mentioned getting up to watch the sunrise one morning (should have been a dead give-away!) I thought it was romantic and perfect. We'd been out late the night before, at a concert with Josh & his then girlfriend, Erin, so I was sure we'd all over-sleep. But bright and early the next morning I heard the oven timer go off (this was pre-cell phone alarm clocks =) He came into the girls room to drag me out on the beach. The sun was just starting to rise and he challenged me to see who could find the best shell. Loving a good competition I was determined to win. A few minutes later he presented me with the PERFECT shell - one with my ring in it! I was so excited and nervous and giddy! Before slipping the ring on my finger I wrapped my arms around him and promptly DROPPED the beautiful diamond in the sand! We spent the next several - seemed like forever - minutes frantically searching and finally recovered my ring. We laughed, I cried, we prayed, then quickly returned to the condo to share the wonderful news with his family - who had watched the whole thing from their balcony! 

I loved every minute of that trip! Went straight to the grocery to buy all their bridal magazines and spent the rest of the week talking with my soon to be sister-in-laws about the joys of becoming a Hurt. 

So very, very thankful that he asked. 
I'm absolutely positive that I made the BEST choice by saying YES =) 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Bathroom Remodel...Done!



Another project marked off the "To-Do" list before baby makes an appearance =) 

I've disliked this dated bathroom from the day we moved in - beige toilet, fashion globe lighting, and linoleum floors. Yuck! 

Thanks to Jamie and his boss - we have a beautiful new bath! They did a great job and Lillianne is SO excited to have her very own sink/drawers. She promptly filled each drawer with her "beauty" belongings. And a special trip to Bath & Body completed the room - both she and Hudson picked out their favorite soap (its the little things!) 

Just a few more things - and a few more days! 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Nolan's New Room

It's pretty well complete - Nolan's big boy room =) 

Saturday, August 2, 2014

School Starts...Monday!

I'm so excited for school to start on Monday. =) Its been a fun summer and we've had some great adventures but I am ready to get these kiddos back on a regular schedule before baby throws us all for a big loop!

I feel much more prepared this year: capable and ready to try some new things with Lillianne and Hudson. My goal is more fun and less stress on "finishing the book". This will take a lot of work on my part - I love a good checklist and being able to complete a worksheet/book makes my heart sing. But, I think a better home school experience for us all is to be flexible and willing to change things up a bit (hence scheduling done in pencil - a lesson learned on Day 1 last year!)

I've done a rough schedule through the fall semester - with room to jot down or change things as we go. One big change I hope to implement this year is gathering/assembling each Sunday night for the entire week. I've got a folder system set up for Monday through Friday. The post-its list everything that needs to be collected or printed and will be placed in the appropriate days folder. Last year I had all these great craft ideas (from various internet resources) and never actually did them because when it came time to do it, I didn't have all of the materials. So, hoping that a little better organization on my part will make for more fun activities.

The curriculum we're using this year follows:

1. Math U See - Beta This course will focus on mastery of multiple digit addition and subtraction, time, money, and measurement.

2. Spelling U See - Jack & Jill Knowing how well Lillianne loved the Math U See, I was excited to try this curriculum when I saw it at convention. It uses nursery rhymes and repetition to teach spelling.

3. Answers In Genesis Bible Curriculum  We're starting at the beginning. Creation. The Truths that need to be established in our little ones hearts. This is a three year curriculum that chronologically covers events in Scripture. Using the authority of God's Word, I pray it will equip and encourage our entire family. I look forward to doing this with both Lillianne & Hudson. Each week we're working on memorizing a Bible verse associated with the weeks lesson.

4. Classical Conversations, Cycle 3: Starting in September, we'll back back at CC for another fun year with our friends! This year the kids will focus on US History, memorize the time line, math & science facts, study artists and composers and learn about the human body! I've used this website for tons of crafts, books and experiments to do at home each week.

5. For Hudson, we'll work on letter recognition, shapes and colors. Basically, a letter a week, shape & color each week. We'll trace, color, and sort. And play. =)

As for Nolan - who knows! It will be a gamble as to how he handles everything =) Hopefully, he'll be happy to play in the playroom while we're sitting at the table. Hopefully.

I am so very, very thankful that Allie will be returning in September to help me out once a week! She'll take the boys (and the baby!) and will it will be great for everyone!! 

The Nursery

It's done! After a paint job, moving the guest room furniture out and bringing all the nursery stuff from upstairs - our new baby's room is ready for his/her arrival =)

We've used this nursery "theme" for all of our babies. And I still love it as much as I did on day one. I feel happy when I go into the nursery and remember holding each of my precious little ones in the rocker, or dressing them at the table. I think about the people who purchased things to make our nursery complete - the mobile from Josh & Erin, the old Humpty Dumpty lamp from Nana's attic, the colorful rug from Memaw and special books/lovies from my childhood.

The new nursery is directly across the hall from our bedroom so we'll plan to keep the baby there right away. Hudson and Nolan were in our room for the first few weeks because their nurseries were upstairs and that seems miles away for midnight feedings =)

So...the beds made, the blankets are washed, the diaper bag is packed and all those tiny sleepers are washed and waiting.

Twenty three days. And our home will be filled with another baby to love and cherish!