Thursday, January 15, 2015


Today... was cold.
Today... we spent the entire day in our jammies.
Today... I set aside the day planner.
Today... we read books under the covers for over an hour.
Today... the kids made messes - big messes (and I didn't get upset).
Today... I held Georgia for a good portion of the day.
Today... we dipped our animal crackers in chocolate icing.
Today... we cuddled on the couch and watched TV.
Today... the kids imagined and played while I cleaned out some closets.
Today... was full of love, hugs and lots of "this is the best day ever!"s.
Today... we ate dinner at Waffle House - the only restaurant suitable to eat in your pjs without being judged.
Today... was a really, really good day.

Today... is one I want to repeat... tomorrow!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Batman! Birthday!

We had the BEST time celebrating little Nolan's birthday yesterday! The big 2! Our family joined us for a day of fun - six foot sandwiches, bat cave cakes, super cool presents, and a VERY special visit from BATMAN! It was awesome!

Hudson and Nolan were in complete shock when the door rang and in walked their favorite super hero! Their reactions were priceless and perfect and it was the best present for me to see them so excited =) Batman stayed for just a few minutes to say hello, give hugs and wish the birthday boy a happy day! Hudson was sad that Daddy missed the Batman meeting (then slowly started to question the whole thing - and began to say "Daddy's tricking us!") Justin had secretly opened a window in the bedroom to prove that Batman had flown out, then a few minutes later Uncle Josh Batman showed up in the backyard for one last wave! Seeing Daddy in the living room while Batman was outside sealed the deal for Hudson...Batman REALLY did visit them!! He started shaking like a leaf - he was so excited! It was the talk of the party for the rest of the day and we all cracked up at how happy the kids were. At one point Ansleigh said "I'm so happy, I could cry!" and both Hudson and Nolan woke up talking about Batman's visit this morning. Such a special memory =)

We love our little bear so much! What a special time celebrating our very favorite TWO year old!

Monday, January 5, 2015


Happy New Year! I refused to start the New Year off sick - so it was postponed =) 

This morning, after battling a cold for several days, I thankfully felt human enough to rejoin society. The kids ran (I crawled!) into the school room this morning to begin our spring semester...I enjoyed this break too much - it was HARD to get back into the swing, but we did it, and had a good morning =) Nolan was occupied with several new Christmas toys and Hudson really enjoyed his new workbooks. It was nice. 

Georgia is enjoying the jumper that we brought up from the basement! She's so happy to be off the floor and upright =) 

And this evening Lillianne and Hudson opened their hospital clinic. Georgia had a "head sprain" and Nolan had some severe abdominal surgery. Lillianne used pillow stuffing, wet paper towels, a bandaid and a nasal sniffer to help him heal. =) Love these kids and their creativity! 

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

More Fun on HHI

Although the weathers been a bit dreary, its not stopped us from having fun! We've enjoyed more biking, fun at the park, tennis lessons for the kids, an afternoon at the spa and a bit of shopping.

Loving our family vacation =)

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Day Two.

Another fun day on the island --- more of the same --- playing, resting, eating, smiling! 
Add a little golf, tennis, and a bike ride --- I'd say its a success!