Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter Eggs!

This morning we dyed Easter eggs! 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Nolan is 15 Months!

Little Nolan is growing up! And getting cuter every minute of the day =) 

The big news this month...he's finally walking! And he loves it! He had been teetering for the last few months, so close, but he would never commit to walking without a hand to hold. The kids left town for the weekend and he saw the golden opportunity to WALK uninterrupted...no one to push him over, grab him or stand in his way! I love watching him walk across the room, then turn to see our faces light up with pride. He just laughs - super cute! 

This morning he had his 15 month check up. Dr. Bradford gave him the once over and he looked great! 21.5 lbs (just over the 10%), 31.5" (50%) and 18" head (10%). And I only see it being harder to keep weight on him now that he's on the go! He has 11 teeth and loves to eat, play, swing, climb, nap and snuggle. His favorite words are bye!, momma and dadda. As soon as the door opens at the end of the day, he starts yelling "Dadda!" until he gets all the attention =) He'll also repeat anything that we say and loves to sing "Let It Go" from Frozen...seriously. 

I love watching this little baby grow! Happy 15 months sweet boy!  

Nolan walking!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My Girl...And Her Heart.

Lately, Lillianne has been expressing so much through the written word. Hard to believe that my little girl is able to articulate so clearly whats going on in her little mind! I love seeing stories that shes written (complete with pictures), bills/receipts that she creates while playing store, and most precious are the love notes that are scattered around. Notes to her friends, grandparents and sweet notes like the ones above for momma and daddy! They MELT.MY.HEART. I am thankful for the sweet ways that she shows her love for us. Such treasures!

It's also neat for her to see who Jesus is and what He means to our family. She seems to relate a lot of every day experiences to things that we've talked about during our devotional time at night. She remembers details from Scripture, ponders them, then asks some pretty profound questions. She's told me and Justin on separate occasions that she likes to spend time praying at night when she can't sleep, and has expressed interest in sharing others about Jesus (while painting nails) when she gets older! I can't think of any thing in the world that would make me happier!!

We've been encouraging her to listen during the service on Sundays for something she can write and/or draw about. Mostly she draws but last Sunday she wrote this prayer. The prayer reads "I pray for the moon. I pray for the sun. I pray for everything in the whole world." She's thinking. And I love that.

Oh, and this morning at school she was so excited to have pizza with her friends after class she declared "Today is the most amazing day in the whole world!" and a few seconds later, "Actually, the most amazing day in the whole world will be when I go to heaven." Wow.

I love my little girl! And I love her heart for Jesus!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Girls Night Out!

Aunt Meghan's in town! Yeah! 

The kids are beyond excited to have their sleep mate, play mate, and coffee giver home for the weekend =) We had a good day yesterday then last night Daddy & Granddad took the kids to campus and dinner downtown while the girls took time out for some FUN! 

A new place in town recently opened - Wine & Design. Its an art studio where while, watching an instructor, you paint your own picture to take home. We brought snacks & drinks from the store and spent about two hours working on our creations =) 

We decided to paint pictures for Lillianne's play house. She was so excited to see the finished product! 

Excited to check this place out in the summer - they offer lots of Mother/Daughter options…right up our alley! 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Happy 11 Years, Signspot!

Yesterday was another year in the books for our little business. Signspot has grown and flourished these past 11 years and we are so very, very thankful for the opportunities that owning our own business has given us!

We started out very young and clueless…not knowing the first thing about taxes, deadlines and stress. I still remember walking door to door introducing ourselves to neighboring businesses in the area. And I remember literally jumping for joy when we got our first order!

A lot has changed over the years. Technology. Businesses. Expectations. And my role in the business. I'm there a few quick moments (with kids in tow!) to run payroll, pay taxes, make deposits and pay bills. The little ones spend precious time with Granddad, Daddy and Memaw eating snacks, going on adventures to the convenient store and creating crafts from trash in the back.

Yes, it looks a lot different now. I am forever grateful for a husband who puts in the hours, works hard to please everyone and puts out some really impressive award worthy work!

2006 - Moving into our new location

In the beginning - I was 19. Justin was 22. 

Signspot - 11 years later.  

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

70 Degrees?! Woo Hoo!

What do you do when spring has finally arrived and the temps reach 70 degrees? Spends lots of time outside, that's what! 

Monday we met friends from church on the Huckleberry for a long walk. It was great! I strolled Nolan, Hudson rode his bike and Lillianne walked & played with her friends. We stopped along the way for snack breaks, to find the perfect walking stick and explore beaten paths off to the side. There were so many people on the Trail - everyone was glad to come out of hibernation and enjoy the SUN! 

The kids are enjoying their private swim lessons with Ms. Robin at the Aquatic Center. She does such a great job and they love spending time in the water with her! 

And today - the weather was just perfect! I'm so glad to see the grass turning green and the buds finally arriving on the trees! We spent a good bit outside this evening. Lillianne danced and sang in the front yard, Nolan "walked" all around the driveway and Hudson pulled out every.single.toy from the garage. We grilled burgers and ate out on the patio, then enjoyed a family walk. Just a taste of the days to come! 

Happy Spring, y'all!