Saturday, November 22, 2014

O Christmas Tree!

Our artificial tree was on its last limb, literally - the lights on the tree stopped working last year, there were more needles on the floor than the tree and somewhere along the way a critter gnawed its way through a good portion of one side...

So we thought before investing in a new tree we'd give a REAL tree a try! The weather was perfect today for a trip to Joe's Tree Farm. We loaded up the kids and headed out to choose and cut our tree. (Thankfully, Mom kept Georgia Grace!) We walked around for about an hour, then found the perfect one.

Of course it looked gigantic once we cut it. And the fact that we didn't have rope to load it properly and ended up shoving it down the center isle of the van didn't make matters easier =)
But we made it home! Getting it into the stand was an added adventure. The words "remind me not to do this again" may have been uttered. After Justin hopped on and off the Real Tree Train a few more times it was upright and in its perfect spot! And it looks great!

In respect for those who think we shouldn't prematurely decorate for Christmas, I'll wait to post pictures of the final product =) But come Friday, it will be full blown Christmas season around here...and I'm so excited!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin

I put Georgia on her tummy in the crib while I was getting things ready for bed...walked back in a few minutes later and ta-da! she was on her back! I thought it was a fluke so I put her back on her tummy only for her to flip again =)

Looks like our littlest girl is no longer teeny tiny!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Party On!

The party continues! Our family came over today to continue celebrating sweet Lillianne! She was SO excited to spend the day with her cousins =) They played, watched her new birthday movie - Sleeping Beauty, crafted, ate cupcakes and played outside. The girls sat inside and talked about Ashlee and Derek's upcoming wedding - sharing our wedding stories with her - so fun! 

I'm so thankful for a family that really enjoys hanging out together - such sweet memories are made each time they're around =) 

Lillianne passed this note our way to say thanks for her "ofis" (office). It really made my day =) 
So thoughtful! Love that girl! 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday, Sweet Lillianne!

Six years ago I was sitting in a hospital bed hardly taking my eyes off of the precious baby that made me Momma. That sweet little one has grown into a beautiful, bright, funny, thoughtful and mature SIX year old in the blink of my eye. I am so incredibly blessed to call her my daughter - and every day with Lillianne is a treasure!

Last night she got the fun surprise of spending the night at Memaw & Granddad's so Justin and I could set up her new desk =) She was so excited to walk into her room and find it! (She spent much of the afternoon "working" in her office!) We joined Daddy for breakfast, went grocery shopping and then home for some play time ---- a great perk of homeschool = no school on your birthday! After naps Miss Allie came over to keep the the little ones while Lillianne and I slipped away for some girl time. =)

Our first stop - the bank for Lillianne to open her own savings account! She'd been asking for months - so we raided her piggy bank and started a nice little purse for her at the bank. She was so excited! After, we went and got manis/pedis then picked up pizza at Mellow Mushroom for dinner - YUM!

After dinner it was present time - lots of organizing stuff for her desk, a CD player, some chapter books and a new Bible =)

A great end to a very happy day for our girl!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Let The Birthday Celebrations Begin!

Great Memaw and Aunt Linda came for the weekend to kickoff Lillianne's birthday week! We all had a great time catching up and watching the kids - they are always so entertaining =) Lillianne got some really nice gifts - several crafts, some clothes, a couple of books, and a guitar! She looks like a natural!

The weather was dreary and COLD so we spent Saturday playing games, chatting, eating and relaxing. It was very nice...and I am always so thankful for our time with Grandma & Aunt Linda!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Good thing we picked an Underwater theme this year --- because it was raining "sharks and mermaids" all night long! =)

This year we checked out a nearby church that was offering Trunk or Treat. The rain didn't keep the kids away - the place was packed! It was chilly and wet but the kids had a great time collecting candy from the different trunks =)

Happy Halloween!