Saturday, February 6, 2016

Catching Up...

I've been so terrible at blogging lately! The cameras been handy and photos have been snapped - but time hasn't allowed me to get them online... 

The days are going by so quickly! 
Lately, its been more play than school, more TV than reading, more snuggling than running and more 'hanging' than doing...and I'm OK with that (for the moment!)  
It is winter, it is cold and we're all taking life a bit slower! 

So, here's a sampling of our life as of late... 

Found this note tucked away in Lillianne's notebook - can't tell you how happy this makes my heart! 

Fun in the snow with my cheery cheeked baby doll.

The big kids headed out of town for three days on a surprise trip to see Great Memaw! 

Enjoying the hot tub on COLD days!

Hot Chocolate on COLD days! 

Lillianne's idea of "babysitting"

Camping on the couch

Nolan missed Georgia while they were away - couldn't get enough love when he returned!


Lots of crafting.

Lots of cuddling!

Hanging with our cousins! 

Speed demon!

Lillianne teaching the little ones. 

Hudson working on his writing. 

Love these sweet moments with my precious babies! 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Friday, January 22, 2016


The kids finally have the snow they've so desperately wanted all season! =) 

We are in the middle of what is promising to be a huge winter storm - upwards of 2' in 24 hours. Exciting! Its not even noon on day one and we've played outside (with only minor crying and whining!), watched a movie, had hot chocolate, made brownies, and created a HUGE mound of laundry!

Happy Snow Day, everyone! 

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Bear Turns THREE!

Today our little bear, Nolan, turned THREE! We celebrated after church with our family - having a lumberjack lunch of chili and baked potatoes. And of course, smores & a campfire cake =) 

Nolan had fun playing with his cousins, putting on his new golf mat, racing his new car and becoming the "black guy". 

I love, love, love this sweet little boy so much! 
He's full of energy, a good time, laughs, and is constantly keeping us on our toes! 
I love his giant hugs, huge grins, funny mannerisms, silly faces and cozy cuddles. 

Thanks, Nolan, for bringing us so much JOY! I love you more than words can ever say! 
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, baby doll!