Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Ballin' Birthday!

As our tradition - we tend to celebrate birthdays for extended periods of time =) 

Saturday we continued partying with our sweet Hudson! 
Everyone gathered for a BBQ lunch, birthday cake, lots of playing outside, sitting out back enjoying the breeze, splashing in the hot tub, and my favorite thing - family time! 

Thankful for so many reasons to be together - there's no place I'd rather be =) 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My Big Boy Is FOUR!

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday HUDSON! 

Four short years ago I was in a hospital bed holding my brand new baby - not knowing what in the world I was going to do with a BOY! I couldn't take my eyes off of you. You were just the most precious little baby doll - Daddy and I were grinning ear to ear having you as part of our family! 

And today...we're still ALL smiles! You are just this awesome little kid! So happy! So smart! Funny. Sweet as sweet can be. Sensitive. Thoughtful. Athletic & energetic. All Boy. And All My BOY =) 

I continue to be amazed at how much joy you bring to our lives. You start the morning with such sweet good morning hugs - usually followed by "Momma, what are we going to do today?" or "It looks like a good day for golf!" 

From the minute your feet hit the floor you are full throttle. You love wearing your "running shoes" so you can fly through the house. You're constantly rough-housing with Nolan, dunking basketballs, jumping off furniture, dressing as a superhero, and moving. Constantly moving - from sun up to sun down =) 

You love reading, doing "school", playing basketball, tennis, golf, riding your bike, watching movies, and playing with your brother and sister. You like picking out your clothes, helping in the kitchen, eating salad, snatching fruit off the counter, and taking baths. 

You have a sensitive heart and often think of others. You share with your siblings, offer to help, obey much of the time, and are rarely in a bad mood. You're easy going and so fun to be around =) Often times whatever comes out of your mouth just makes me smile because its so cute! 

Some of my favorite words that you say these days: neiverhood (neighborhood) , screwtons (croutons), gross beef (roast beef), bafroom (bathroom) 

I love how you call Lillianne "sissy". You love each other so much and hate to be apart. You're a good big brother to Nolan "buddy" and often pronounce Georgia's name like you are from NY. I love it! 

Basically, you are one really cool little kid and every single day I am blessed to be your momma! 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my sweet baby Hudson! I love you more than words can ever say!

Mothers Day, My Birthday, Our Anniversary & Weekend Shenanigans

This week of the year is always super busy! And super fun! =) 

Last Sunday was Mothers Day - it was a low key day at home because our sweet baby Georgia came down with an ear infection. We ordered in, worked in the flowerbeds while Georgia napped, snuggled on the sofa and enjoyed the laziness of the day - down time - something none of us get too often =) 

Friday the festivities revved up again - it was my 32nd birthday! Dad and Lillianne orchestrated a breakfast pancake party and a scavenger hunt around the house with clues to my birthday card. =) Erin brought the girls over for a fun play date. (Abigail recently asked Jesus to be her Savior - and I had to photograph the sweet note Lillianne gave to her on Friday. Precious.) After they left we brought lunch over to Signspot, returned home for naps and watched the construction workers install our new hot tub on the back deck! We went to Floyd for dinner at an Italian restaurant we'd been wanting to try. It was a great end to one really fun day =) 

After a birthday party at Brianna's on Saturday we surprised the kids on Sunday morning with a trip to Wilderness at the Smokies - an indoor water park resort. 
(Nothing like celebrating our 12 year anniversary at the romantic water park =) 

The kids all wanted to sleep with Daddy in the hotel room so we pushed the beds together to create the "worlds largest bed". They thought that was really special =) We all had fun at the water park - the kids loved showing us all the rides since they had just been there a month before with Granddad and Memaw. They were so brave!! 

While we were in Pigeon Forge Hudson spotted a giant monster truck on the side of the road. He was super excited when we decided to stop and let him go for a spin. =) To top off our redneck experience we stopped at the kids favorite store --- the Bass Pro Shop. They may have been more excited about that than the water park! 

Love creating these memories with my family.