Sunday, June 19, 2016


Happiest of Father's Day to the special guys in my life! 

Justin and I woke up to the sounds of little feet in the kitchen decorating the island for their favorite person =) We laughed as Lillianne spouted off directions to the boys and from the sounds of it they went through an entire roll of tape to hang the banner that they made for Daddy! It was perfect and sweet and I am thankful for the thought and attention they gave to make Justin's day extra special =) 

Last week I took the kids to Target to get some of his "favorite things". The kids know their daddy well - we came home with gatorade, gummies, arnold palmer, jerky, air freshener for his new car, and a gift card to the driving range =) 

We met Memaw and Granddad for a brunch at the Draper Merc. then headed to Roanoke for an afternoon of fun in the pool with cousins. 

I am incredibly thankful for a partner who loves our children well. He's hard working, a great leader, a good teacher, offers wise words and loves Jesus. He gets down on the floor and plays with the baby, he is happy to take the boys out to play ball and purchases countless pictures from his eldest daughter (who inherited his entrepreneurial spirit!) 

I wouldn't be where I was today with my Dad. I LOVE watching him with our kids - so full of life and adventure - there's never a dull moment when Granddad is around. Growing up, he was full of good ideas, fun plans, special trips, and countless memories. He worked super hard to give us a great childhood, and took the time to enjoy it with us. We played tennis several nights a week, took bike rides around town, and became pros on the rollerblades when they made their appearance on the market. Dad's wheels are always turning. He's super smart and (he thinks) he's quite funny =) He knows his Bible and enjoys a good theological conversation. I love him and I'm thankful to have such a special relationship with him! 

I'm also super thankful for Pawpaw - Justin's Dad. After all those boys he got his daughters - and treats us all with such love and kindness. He'd do anything for us and has sacrificed so much for his family over the years. I love watching him care for Linda and provide for her daily needs. He keeps up with the housework and cooking (he's always got warm muffins for the kids when we come!) He works hard in his garden and takes pride in his yard. He taught Justin the meaning of hard work and even after retiring just can't "slow down". I'm thankful for his godly example, too, and know that his influence made a big impact on Justin's life. 

We love these men every day --- it's nice to take the time to honor them on days like today! 

Friday, June 17, 2016

Tennis Camp

Lillianne and Hudson finished up their first week of tennis camp at Virginia Tech this week. 
They both LOVED it! It was fun for them to spend the morning with friends (and make new ones). They worked with the Tech coaching staff and both improved their swings. I am thankful they found a sport they both love - and can play together! 

They're already looking forward to going again at the end of the month for another session and are already begging to do the full-day camp next year! 

Monday, June 13, 2016

Nellie's Cave

The big kids are at tennis camp all week so the babies and I had a fun morning at Nellie's Cave.

I had a great time playing with them ... and they enjoyed the extra attention =) 
Look at these smiling faces! 

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Hot! Hot! Hot!

When the temperature rises...we head to the pool! 

This summer we've taken FULL advantage of the pool at Nana & Paw's in Roanoke. We are LOVING the hot sun and the cool pool =) The kids are in summertime heaven --- jumping, flipping, swimming and splashing. 

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Stayin' Cool In The Pool...

Nothing beats a cool pool on a HOT day! 
The kids are all so happy that Pawpaw's pool is OPEN for the summer!

A fun family day =)