Monday, March 2, 2015

Happy 1/2 Birthday, Georgia Grace!

Happy, Happy 1/2 Birthday sweet Georgia Grace! 

I absolutely can not believe that you are on the second side of your first year...where, oh where, has the time gone?! Time is FLYING by. And I know --- I say it every month... but its TRUE! 

This precious baby girl is such a delight to my life =) She's growing and changing so quickly! 

This month... 

* Georgia had her 6 month check up this morning. Dr. Bradford was impressed with her continued growth --- right at the top of the charts for both height & weight! 18 lbs and 27". She wears size 2 diapers and size 6-12 month clothes. (Primarily 9 month.) 

* Georgia loves bath time, jumping in her bouncer, looking in the mirror, chewing on anything, playing with her siblings, being held, grabbing faces, making sounds and being loved on by anyone! 

* Georgia continues to nap well during the day. We're starting to transition out of the 3 hour schedule, but the morning nap gets a little tricky. I'm trying to remember what I did with the others! Anyway, she takes a good morning and afternoon nap, a cat nap before dinner, then down for bed around 7:30. I still wake her for a dream feed around 10:00 - I'm thinking we'll try dropping that once we begin solid foods. 

We love you Georgia girl! You are such so happy and sweet =) Your big sister adores you and your big brothers want to be around you all of the time. Daddy and I "fight" over who gets to put you to bed each night --- we both want to be the last one to see those sweet smiles! WE LOVE YOU! 

(Justin took one of my favorite pictures of Georgia and I and printed it on canvas at work for my Valentines gift. I love the way it turned out and we found a perfect spot for it above the crib.)

Sunday, March 1, 2015

These Boys...

They have my heart! 

White & Gold

After getting the girls ready for church this morning I noticed they were wearing the EXACT same color as that crazy dress thats been making its way around the world --- no black and blue here (or there!!) --- just two really adorable ladies in white and gold!

Monday, February 23, 2015



They start out small and chubby. They reach and grasp. Explore. The tiny fingers grab faces, pull hair, pinch arms and almost always end up in mouths. They are soft and smooth. Precious and perfect.

Toddler hands are sticky - jelly, peanut butter, chocolate, yogurt. They smear windows and stain fabrics. They are always into something. And always moving. Grabbing. Pulling. The beauty of a toddler hand is they always find their mommas. And that is where I love them the most.

As hands grow they experience so many things. They hold pencils, perform recitals, express emotions, and catch game winning balls. A little later hands meet a perfect mate - another hand to hold - a strong grip that keeps them warm and makes them feel secure. Eventually those hands acquire something special - a token of eternal love and commitment. Those hands are never lonely again.

Mostly though, I've been thinking about my mother in-laws hands. They are special to me. Her hands were one of the first things I noticed about her. Although not petite, her hands were soft. Her nails long and fingers adorned with beautiful rings.

What I love most about those hands are they were the first to hold my husband. They were the first to stroke his hair and hold his tiny frame. They soothed his cries. Taught him pat-a-cake and other silly children's songs. Those hands caught his falls. Washed his face. Cheered when he walked. Those hands were his biggest fan!

Those hands cooked endless meals. Picked up endless toys. Washed, dried and ironed endless loads of laundry. Those hands mopped floors every morning and dusted every evening. They clapped wildly at countless basketball games. And cared deeply for babysittin' kids in her home. And every week for over 20 years those hands slipped into a Cubbie Bear puppet to share Jesus with a group of pre-schoolers. Most importantly, however, those hands opened a well worn Bible each day. Those hands held pages describing His Hands. And she loves His Hands and all that they represent.

Today, my mother in-laws hands are still as soft as they were when we met. Although they are not physically able to hold a pencil or a fork they remain strong enough to reach for a hug. They are just right for holding. And even when the mind is blurry and recollecting is hard - one look are her hands brings me right back to remembering all the stories that her life has to share. And in that way her hands are precious and perfect. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


We finally got snow! I love the anticipation of a good snow storm - I have all these grand ideas of snuggling on the couch, drinking hot chocolate, watching movies, and baking yummy treats while the kids play quietly by the fake fireplace.... sounds peaceful right?! =)

The reality is 3 rambunctious kids running wildly through the house leaving a trail of toys/snacks/snow behind them! Its children who BEG and PLEAD to go out and play in the snow - you spend 45 minutes finding and cramming them into whatever snow clothes fit - send them outside only to return crying in 10 minutes because they are so cold. =) Its cabin fever x 6 ---- EVERYONE wants to leave the house and quite frankly, I'd love a few minutes alone to shovel snow in the drive, HA! =)

Seriously, its not been that bad! We have had fun. Hudson loved sledding in the back yard, the kids loved painting snow, they enjoyed snow-cream with Memaw & Granddad and we did snuggle on the couch for hot chocolate and a movie...

Now - the snow and GO! I'll take 70 and springtime, please!

Gifts For The KING

Several months ago I found this idea on Pinterest for shepherd pouches. It was intended to be used around Christmas time in preparation for Christ's birth. Each act of service, kind word, sacrifice, example of compassion,  heart of gratitude, or chore without grumbling is a gift to the King. A tangible example of our love for Jesus.

I didn't quite make the December deadline to do this with the kids - but it sure is something worthy to do anytime (ALL of the time!) I thought it would be fun to do with the kids in the days leading up to Easter --- when the KING gave US the ULTIMATE GIFT!

Each time we catch the kids giving a "gift" to the King, we'll deposit a coin or dollar amount into their pouch. On Easter Sunday I'll let the kids search through the Samaritans Purse catalog to purchase something with their "gift money".

I'm so excited to watch my children serve and work together - each act of kindness is sure to bring glory to God! And I pray it will help the children focus on the most important reason we'll celebrate - our RISEN KING!