Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Aloha! Hawaiian Bunco

I felt like it had been so long since I had seen my Bunco friends! With our early meeting last month, the move, the baby, the transition to our new house...it just seemed like forever! I was so glad to have everyone over to enjoy a girls night in Aloha style!

Our theme this month was Hawaiian Luau. It was so festive and fun! Diane & Kristen brought the perfect party foods - pineapple cheeseball, fresh fruit with chocolate, coconut or orange cupcakes and pork sliders. YUM!

We were missing several ladies - actually a whole table - but we were thankful for tag-team Andrea and her sister, Kara, to join the group =) Kara caught on quickly and I saw her with the bunco hat several times during the night.

The big winner was Wanda! Greta was our big 'loser' and Mam won (again!) most buncos! Way to go, Ladies!

Next month we will be cheering on Team USA with our Olympic theme =)

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