Monday, August 20, 2012

Good Buys

Mom called me last weekend while she was at a yard sale at our neighbors house up the street. We had been hoping to get the kids a play set of sorts but didn't want to commit to purchasing and assembling the project. This set happened to be sitting in our neighbors back yard, not for sale. Mom asked if they would be willing to get rid of it and they said yes! We got the whole thing for $50. The best part was that it only took about 10 minutes to unload from the pickup truck. It could use a good coat of stain but its perfect for the kids! I feel like we spent so much time out there today, we've already got our money's worth =) 

Its official. We purchased a mom mobile. I fought it as long as I could and it was a sad day when we sold the Highlander but if truth be told - I love our new van! It is VERY roomy, its much easier on the kids and from the inside - I forget that I'm driving in a mini-van. =) Its really nice! 

I'll try my hardest to keep the mom jeans and wacky hairdo's at bay! 

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thenaffs said...

Okay, I usually read in Google Reader but just clicked over to comment and first off, that picture of Hudson on your header?? Seriously?? LOVE!!

I can't believe you're halfway through another pregnancy. So so excited. Still wishing our kiddos could play :)